About SUP

Paddle Surfing (also known as SUP or Stand Up Paddle) was born out of the waterman traditions of the Hawaiian islands.

From simply standing on a large board and catching waves, PADDLE SURFING has exploded around the world into many different ways to enjoy any body of water, be it lake, river or the ocean. 

PADDLE SURFING is many different things to many different people but ABOVE all it is about FUN, FITNESS

offering an amazing sense of WELL BEING that comes from gliding across any body of water.

PADDLE SURFING is inclusive. It is for EVERYBODY and it can be whatever you want it to be.
Think of it as a Mountain Bike for the water. Go where you want, ride what you want, anytime you feel like it!
PADDLE SURFING can change your life. If you think it looks like FUN. Just get out and try it.
Only one other thing we know of makes you feel as good all over whilst having a good workout!

This website is dedicated to the PURE STOKE that we call Paddle Surfing!