WSS Boards is the leading provider of foils in Sydney and is now shipping Australia-wide. We stock foils, sup foil boards, prone foil boards, foil accessories and now wings! You can select from the all the most popular brands and we will ship it to you.

 SUP foiling, prone foiling, hydro foiling or foil boarding is exploding. Whether you surf, SUP, kite, windsurf or wakeboard, foilboarding will elevate your favourite sport to a whole new level!


With plenty to choose from here are some tips. Once you can Foil you will have an idea of which way you want to go-

  • SUP Foiling
  • PRONE Surfing – no paddle
  • DOWN WIND Foiling
  • WAKE Foiling – behind a boat
  • WIND Foiling (on a Windsurfer)
  • KITE Foiling

This will determine the type of board you need. Talk to us about your needs and whether you already have a board that can be converted. SLINGSHOT, NAISH, SUNOVA and AXIS Foilboards all have a dedicated range of Foil boards.