Warranty & returns

You may return goods within 10 days of delivery for a full credit if you are not happy with your purchase. Goods must be new, unused and packed as they were sent to you, if you want to return them. You may return the goods for an exchange or a credit. The cost of return freight will be taken off your credit.

We do not refund if you have changed your mind. If you wish to get a refund please contact us to discuss, as soon as possible after receiving the goods.
Refunds will be made once goods have been inspected and requirements met as outlined above. The cost of return freight will be taken off any credit or refund.

All goods purchased from the Balmoral Paddlesurf website are covered by a manufacturers warranty which covers manufacturing faults and defects including poor workmanship, to the original purchaser.

If a product is found to have a manufacturing fault, we will organise for repair, replacement or a refund at the discretion of the manufacturer. In some cases, faulty items cannot be repaired and a replacement or refund will be offered Balmoral Paddlesurf does not control the availability of parts of replacement goods.

We may also be able to solve your problem without you incurring any freight costs.

If you feel that your purchase has developed a fault then please contact us promptly. 

The Ocean is a powerful force. All equipment designed for the ocean and paddling is a compromise between weight, strength and durability.
Accidents do occur and all equipment can and will break in the certain conditions in the ocean.
It is up to you to avoid conditions which can break, damage or crease equipment.

The manufacturers warranty does not cover, but is not limited to:

  • Accidents such as impact which causes cracking and creasing
  • Damage due to exposure to excessive heat, for example being left in a hot car, in a board bag in a hot environment or due to direct exposure to heat of any kind.
  • Deterioration caused by material fatigue defined as the natural breakdown of materials that occurs after extended use will not be covered under warranty.
  • Warranty is non transferrable and applies to the original purchaser only.
  • Proof of purchase is required with all potential warranty claims. Any item that is repaired or replaced under warranty will be covered by a period equal to the remaining warranty period of the original part.
  • The warranty and guarantees of the product cannot be excluded under Australian law. In case of major failure, where the product has not been impacted or exposed to excessive heat and where the item cannot be used or repaired, you are entitled to replacement or refund. If the failure does not amount to a major failure you are entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced at our discretion.
  • If Balmoral Paddlesurf is limited to the repair or replacement of the defective Product, the purchaser whom is making the claim is responsible for the cost of sending the Product(s) to Balmoral Paddlesurf.
  • If near the end of a given warranty period and a repair/replacement is not possible Balmoral Paddlesurf reserve the right to offer a partial refund proportional to the remaining life of the product.