Code Foils Front Wing 1075R Hi Modulus

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The R series are offered in two larger sizes as well now, the 960R and the 1075R. They are both an incredible addition to any foiler’s quiver, set to be very well received by learners for their user-friendly nature. For the experienced rider, these bigger foils enable foiling in almost windless conditions, leveraging even minimal ocean energy for remarkable rides.The High Modulus R Series are made with High Modulus carbon and are of the build quality users will be familiar with from other Code Foils products. These wings are designed for a wide speed range and efficient pumping. They are not as manoeuvrable as some other wings, but they glide forever and still turn. We call them our “longboard foils” because of their long, stable design. The R Series High Modulus have an incredible low end for their size. James Casey demonstrated this by winning the M2O with a flatwater start and a challenging finish in upwind conditions. Ben Tardrew also used the 860R to battle for a win and end up on the podium in a nearly windless Hood River challenge against the best in the world. Please note that the R series front wings are not designed to be jumped. Jumping the R Series front wings will void warranty. The larger 960 and 1075 offer enhanced performance for lighter wind conditions and serve as a gateway for those learning downwind foiling and linking bumps. Front wing only! Picture shows with a fuselage and tail wing available at extra cost.