Smik Wingfoil Board

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Short mini slabs shrunken into super maneuverable foil specific boards.

Two different methodologies.

Float startWhere there’s enough volume in the board to stand on via thickness whilst still allowing youstand on the board whilst not moving to sort getting your wing into gear. A good idea when the wind drops you can still grovel back to the beach, or when there’s patchy wind. Intermediate wingers

        5’0 x 26 @89L / 5’3x 27 @ 91 / 5’6x 28.5 @100L

Waterstart/ Surf foil (they sink)

Low volume to sink the board with a water start and a fair amount of power in the wing. Expert level of usage

Ultra-maneuverable for when you really want to boost and start throwing it around.

The water start is a surprisingly easy take off to master as long as there’s plenty power in the wing. Once there’s a certain level of mastery and you get onto the smaller boards, it’s a game changer.