Prolimit Mini Kids Rig 3.0m

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Minikid Rig


For the first steps in windsurfing or great family weekends.

 Light, easy to pack, easy to rig and made out of high quality monofilm with glass battens.

A vario 2 piece alloy mast and a easy to mount boom. Uphail, ropeset and a trim adapter come with the package. The rig is packed in an easy to go bag which fits the complete rig.

Available sizes:


Size (m2) Boom (cm) Mast (cm) Set mast (push-pin)
1.0 95 165 Middle hole
1.5 115 200 Middle hole
2.0 130 230 Middle hole
2.5 145 250 Middle hole
3.0 TBC TBC Middle hole