STARBOARD 2022 SUP PRO Limited series

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Award-winning shape designed by World SUP Surf champions.

The short compact outline reduces the swing weight, making it easier and faster for you to turn and fit in more critical pockets of the wave without the nose catching.

The thin rails require less effort to turn the board on rail, giving you more control to whip the board around and generate faster speeds to set up for explosive maneuvers. The sharp rail edge at the tails gives you more drive and bite-through turns, making you feel more in control with every maneuver.



Our Pro range has been designed and developed by our World Champion riders Benoit Carpentier and Zane Schweitzer, giving you the best high-performance shape to rip like a pro in the waves.


Best Performance SUP Surf Shape – Awarded by SUPBoarder Magazine


“This is a board that will suit a more experienced surfer. It may be more technical to use and need certain waves to work best in but in the right conditions this board will give the rider a top level of performance…”



• Twin T-stringers made from glass fibre are positioned on the deck and bottom of the board close to the rail, providing a massive increase in the overall strength against total breakage in the surf.

• An additional wide layer of 200g glass wraps the rails for higher strength against paddle impact and further reinforces the overall strength against buckling.

• The deck features reinforced biaxial glass and Australian pine, to resist heel dents and impact from the standing area.

• The nose and tail are wrapped in multiple layers of glass fiber for further strength on these impact zones.


9’0″ x 30″ / 157L

Length: 9’0” / 274 cm

Width: 30” / 76 cm

The 9’0” is the biggest board in the range and the first pro design to go as wide as 30”, designed for riders that want extra stability and float. The length works as a gun-style board in bigger surf, generating faster down-the-line speed.


8’7″ x 29.5″ / 135L

Length: 8’7” / 262 cm

Width: 29.5” / 75 cm

The 8’7” doesn’t feel like the second biggest board in the range, in fact far from it. Yes, it has 135L to float a rider up to 110kg, but the performance is unmatched for a board of its size.


8’0″ x 29″ / 121L

Length: 8’0” / 244 cm

Width: 29” / 74 cm

The 8’0” packs a surprising amount of volume for its size, making it a very viable option for riders that might normally be intimidated by going so short. The domed deck holds the float and stability, thinning out at the rails to allow for responsive foot pressure when turning without making the board feel corky.

7’7″ x 28″ / 107L

Length: 7’7” / 231 cm

Width: 28” / 71 cm

This board replaces both the 7’10” x 28” and 29”, and yet despite being shorter, it has 5 liters more float for riders up to 85kg. The thin and sharp rails provide so much speed down the line that it makes it easy to set up for explosive maneuvers.