VMG Paddle Orca 72 Fixed

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VMG blades is very proud to announce the Orca Paddle.

The world’s first paddle designed as a foil, giving you superior instant catch and the smoothest stroke.

This paddle has been in development for 3 years with James Casey. Our goal was to develop a paddle to meet his exacting standards.  The paddle accelerates instantly for downwind paddling, and catching waves, yet also has a smooth efficient stroke for course racing.

Prototypes have been tested around the world including in races like the M20 and M2M in Hawaii, and APP World Series races.

VMG blades approached this design utilizing our vast experience with all kinds of foils, after all a paddle is just another kind of foil with the tip being your leading edge.

To ensure the paddle enters the water smoothly and develops lift (the catch) we modeled the scoop from foil design principles, then tested and refined until it entered the water as cleanly as possible. The result? A strong and instant catch that feels just right.

The face of the blade has a subtle single concave and double dihedral, flowing to a single dihedral at the throat.  This refined organic shape means the blade has good hold, with no flutter or cavitation through the power phase. Check out the curvature and smooth foil flows of the paddle’s design, you can see the difference.

The combination of the foiled scoop and the subtle and highly refined face has resulted in a paddle with an instant catch and ultra smooth stroke .  It really does adhere to our belief in Velocity Made Good (VMG), or most efficient use of effort towards a goal.

Additionally with the choice of 3 shaft stiffness levels, you can tune the feel of the paddle exactly to your needs.


  • Foiled scoop – for instant catch and superior flow attachment
  • Refined organic design – flowing single concave and double dihedral through the body, single dihedral in the throat giving super smooth power delivery
  • Ultra light carbon blade – 100% prepreg carbon
  • Shafts to suit you – Soft (tapered), Medium(tapered), Hard, and Adjustable

*paddle weight is based on length of 190cm

Style: Instant Catch and Ultra Smooth stroke
Intended Conditions: SUP Racing all conditions
Competition Type: Flatwater/Course Racing
Technical Racing
Downwind Racing
Surface Area (in2): 82 72
Weight (g): 420 418
Length (mm): 375 375
Width (mm): 172 160
Blade Angle: 10 ° 10 °